Sequence Yoga23FiT 44

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Duration: 0 h 15 min
Goloshapova Oksana
Goloshapova Oksana Yoga23, hatha-yoga

The complex was designed by Andrey Sidersky . You can perform this complex throughout the day.

Performed in Yoga23FiT [DE] - Deep Energy Mode. The mode of "in-depth energy study" (DEEP ENERGY MODE). In this mode, three respiratory cycles are performed in each phase of fixation. Accordingly, the designation is [1/3] or [DE]. If necessary, more than one breath cycle can be performed in the transitions. The main thing is that the final part of the executive movement coincides with the exhalation.

This video material presents a real-time practice and an explanation of the technique of performing hatha yoga exercises in accordance with the principles of the Yoga23 methodological system developed by Andrey Vladimirovich Sidersky.

The high qualification of the teacher, the development of the complex by Andrey Sidersky, as well as clear, concise and understandable comments - all this makes this video an excellent addition to practice under the guidance of a teacher - both independent and group.


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