Morning awakening sequence

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Duration: 0 h 11 min
Siderski Andrii
Siderski Andrii Yoga Workout System creator

Morning complex according to the "Yoga of Intention" No. 1. Easy level of difficulty!

This series of complexes from Andrey Vladimirovich is focused on tuning the characteristics of brain activity, allowing a person to function more adequately in everyday situations, to respond more calmly to various stressful situations, to adapt himself, primarily mentally, but also physically, to emerging everyday challenges of various levels and along the way, "repair" health, correct some kind of imbalance in the system, it is possible to eliminate the consequences of some injuries. As a side effect of yoga practice, it's always nice.

The complex can be used as morning exercises, or after work for tuning or during work, in order to shake up, recharge, bring yourself into a smooth, calm, clear and working state.

This complex was developed and demonstrated by Andrey Vladimirovich Sidersky . You can perform this complex throughout the day. Parts of the complex can be combined and alternated as desired. The ideal breathing option is dictated by Andrey Vladimirovich, but to master the complex it can be changed to any comfortable one.

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Крутой набор, но легким я бы его не назвала, особенно для утреннего пробуждения))

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