Andrei Siderski | Yoga class №8

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Duration: 0 h 56 min
Siderski Andrii
Siderski Andrii Yoga Workout System creator

Regular trainings by Andrey Vladimirovich Sidersky for high-level yoga teachers and practitioners. Lotus is required for the "clean" performance of training. But replacing complex asanas with simpler ones is possible. Therefore, if you are not doing the lotus yet or for some reason cannot do it, feel free to replace it with a half lotus or “virasana”, where appropriate, and continue to practice. "Only in tireless practice is the secret of success." Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Bundles of exercises of medium and moderately high difficulty levels for training professional yoga teachers and experienced hatha yoga practitioners. Work with breath, attention and intention in asanas.

Training programs for professional yoga teachers are made up of the most effective exercises from the yoga gymnastics arsenal. The level of difficulty of exercises is from the simplest to medium and moderately difficult. In the process of training, the important nuances of the technique of performing yogi gymnastics exercises are explained, which turn physical culture and energy practice into a tool for controlling intention and will. It also explains the simple principles of controlling the breath in asanas, using the space of the “inner screen”, linking the breath with the work of attention, distributing attention in internal and external space, controlling attention as a tool for controlling intention. The practice is built in such a way as to maximally activate and enhance the informational aspect of the impact of yoga gymnastics exercises.


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