Healing breath. Practice. Part 1

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Duration: 1 h 21 min

Part of the pranayama course by Vyacheslav Gutsalyuk. We present you the practice of healing breathing, with detailed comments and recommendations on the technique of execution and the number of repetitions of breathing actions performed. The amount and degree of activity, the amplitude and depth of breathing are regulated as your body is trained, or determined by a specialist.

The main task of these actions is a complex health-improving load on the respiratory system and the circulatory system!

A series of pranayamas by Vyacheslav Gutsalyuk (9 videos):

Breathing is a very important energy-forming and vital process of our body! If a person does not eat, lives for about a month, does not drink water - about 5 days, does not breathe - 3 minutes! Breathing and nutrition are processes that form our health, build our body, support its vital activity, fill it with energy and strength! With regard to these processes, you must constantly be attentive, rebuild them for yourself, study their functioning and features in order to properly maintain a high vitality!

We offer you simple movements that, with regular practice, can bring your respiratory component to a high level of healthy functioning!

The first block is motor-respiratory movements that develop the activity of the respiratory zones and strengthen them!

The second block is a set of active breathing practices, which are best performed in the morning or in the evening, before an active session. It consists of hyperventilating breaths combined with an extended pause after inhalation or exhalation! These actions activate the neuromuscular, vascular, respiratory function in general.

The third block consists of a set of breathing techniques that are logical to perform in the evening, or after overly active loads: physical, emotional, psychological, stressful! They contribute to general relaxation and rapid restoration of the functioning of the whole organism at the cellular level!


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