Morning Series. Healthy morning 3

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Duration: 0 h 55 min

The third workout in the Healthy Morning series . Your attention is presented to short, balanced by the degree of load, training sequences for every day! In the structure of these combinations, the main fragments of the healing actions of yoga are built in: meditation-attitude, short pranayamas, breathing-warm-up namaskars, the main series of classical asanas interconnected by vinyasas, relaxation practice!

The main idea of these classes is to form during one lesson the development of different qualities of our body: strength, flexibility, accuracy, coordination, endurance. These qualities are integral to our everyday life, which means that our actions bring us closer to the fullness of our perception of ourselves in this world, increase the resistance of our body to the influence of various factors, external and internal, and bring our immune status to a fairly high level! And this requires 50-60 minutes of free time!

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Классное занятие! Побольше бы таких!

Мне тоже понравилось. Вообще Вячеслав супер преподаватель йоги.

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