General questions

What is the difference between a video catalog and an online studio?

First, the content itself. The online studio consists of workouts recorded in the yoga studio and special practical short complexes. Minimum theory - maximum practice. While the video catalog contains many recordings of seminars, specially filmed courses, theoretical videos, as well as many different types of practical courses, often specially designed for the task (a course for beginners, prevention for the back, a course for women, practical complexes for teachers and etc.).

Secondly, the payment system and access. In the online studio , the period of access to video materials is paid (month, 3 months or a year), during this time the user can watch the video online on the site, downloading is not provided. As soon as the paid period ends, access to video materials is closed. And in the video catalog, the user can select the video he needs and buy eternal access to it online and the ability to download it for offline viewing (see User Agreement ).


Why can’t I watch videos from the “Video Catalog” if I purchased access to the “Online Studio”?

Because these are different sections of the site with different content and payment and access systems. Read the answer to the question “What is the difference between a video catalog and an online studio?”

What payment methods are there?

You can pay for the subscription with VISA and MasterCard cards of any bank in the world in any currency. Payment will be made in UAH, conversion into the card currency will be performed according to the tariffs of VISA/MasterCard and the card issuing bank.

You can pay for a purchase in the video catalog with VISA , MasterCard , AmericanExpress cards, as well as through Apple Pay , GPay , Privat24 , MasterPass and Visa Checkout . When paying through all systems, the transaction currency is Ukrainian hryvnia. Conversion to the card currency will be performed according to the tariffs of VISA/MasterCard/AmericanExpress and the card issuing bank.

How to choose the right video? What to start practicing?

Start by exploring free videos in both the online studio section and the video directory. This way you can determine your level of practice. Then define the goal of the video - you just need to work out well, then choose filters for a full body workout or yoga for every day. If you have some specific task, for example, for the back, choose such a filter. You can use the search to find more precisely, for example, office yoga.

How to use gift certificates

1. At yoga-masters.com, add a video and/or an online studio subscription to your shopping cart for at least the value of the certificate to use the entire amount of the certificate. If the certificate is used in a basket whose amount is less than the face value, the excess will burn .

2. Enter the certificate code in the field for entering the discount coupon or gift certificate code and click "apply". (if you have a discount coupon, then you need to enter it AFTER the certificate)

3. Make the payment of the remaining amount or, if the certificate fully covers the amount of the basket - go through the "choose payment method" button to validate the repayment of the entire amount by the certificate.

4. Use the video or subscription through the "User Account" or on the page of the video itself. Do not forget to always be authorized on the site to view the purchased video.

The video is not playing, gives out an error, what should I do?

Very rarely, but it happens that the video is not displayed, but gives this error:

Either you are using someone else's link, or your ISP is using incorrect routing (different Internet addresses are requested from different IP addresses, although according to Internet rules, an IP address is a unique identifier for a computer on the network)

Video with limited access, viewing is available only after authorization and purchase

The IP address for which the link to the video was issued and the IP address from which the request was made do not match

This means that your ISP configured your access incorrectly and you have several ip addresses. Therefore, you go to the site under one ip, and the video is requested from another ip.
It is best to contact the provider and demand to fix the traffic routing so that you have one ip (not static, but just one, it can be dynamic).
Or you can access the site through the VPN service, then all your ip will turn into one through the VPN. But we would not advise doing this, because. the speed of interaction with the site decreases. It is better to ask the provider to provide normal Internet access services.

You can check the root of the problem by turning off Wi-Fi and accessing the site via mobile internet. Everything should work properly, tk. mobile operators cannot set it up incorrectly, it is strictly regulated there.
By the way, this is the third solution - to change the provider.


Online studio

Is it possible to download workouts and complexes from the online studio?

No, the videos in the online studio are for online viewing only. You can download videos in the "Video Catalog" section, having previously purchased access to the video you are interested in.

How to watch the full version of a video in the online studio?

In the online studio, video previews of workouts are presented - just the beginning of the workout. To continue watching the workout, you need to go through the registration procedure and pay for the subscription on the site. Then you will have access to the full versions of all workouts posted in the online studio section.

What is included in an online studio subscription?

The subscription to the online studio includes a database of a large number of workouts and yoga complexes, which are replenished every week. Those. every week, subscribers of the online studio will be waiting for a new workout or yoga complex.

Video catalog

How long will the video be available in My Account after purchase?


How to download videos to iPhone?

Since browsers on the iPhone, instead of downloading, start watching the video, and not downloading, to save the video on the iPhone for further viewing offline (offline - without an Internet connection), you need to use a third-party application, such as VLC

How can I watch or download a purchased video?

On the page of the video itself, where you clicked the "Buy" button at the bottom, there is a block with files and videos that are "under locks" until the video is purchased. But after the purchase, all these files can be watched online (just click on the video image and it will start in a large player at the top of the page) on the video page or downloaded in two resolutions - standard and for mobile devices for offline viewing. To download to a mobile phone, you need to use special applications (for example, VLC), because all mobile browsers on all mobile devices, by default, start playing the video file, and not download it.

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