Training intensive by Andriy Sidersky in Kiev 24-25 breast 2022

For the first time, “profit” in the hall is a completely new development of Sida - a bag-based structuring of practical algorithms in Yoga Workout Meditation - the top component of the Yoga Workout Self-Adjustment System ( YWSAS ).

first day

Master Flow Yoga Workout Meditation (MF YWM) is a hatha yoga meditation with a dyhalic side, which was inspired by the "Technological Rule of the Technological Flow (Master Flow Technological Rule)". Building the "karmic" component of the mental and energy-information tools.

Another day

Psychotronic Formula Yoga Workout Meditation (PF YWM) - hatha yoga meditation, pranayama warehouse, which is included in the "Psychotronic Formula Principle". Nalashtuvannya "dharmic" component of the mental and energy-information tools.
Riven folding both training - basic s, perhaps, single elements of intermediate and peacefully high rivney. Tse schob cіkavo bulo everyone, wanting a smut in this vipadku - already nіyak not in itself physical culture.

Rivne skl ad nosti will be added to the group. Everyone will be happy.


Discipline Training Club
Kyiv, Pirogova street, 6A


100$ for two days

You can register only for the whole intensive, by writing to e-mail [email protected]