Nilova Inna
Nilova Inna
  • Type of practice: Yoga23
  • Practice experience: since 2007 year
  • Teaching experience: since 2015 year

"I believe that on the mat we learn to hear and understand ourselves, correct ourselves, form new habits, but this is only the beginning. Real yoga comes into our lives when we roll up the mat and go out into the world. It is here that we pass the exam for awareness every minute attention, adaptation, perseverance and purposefulness.

I took my first yoga class in 2007. Accidentally passing by a hall with people twisted into a bundle, I got hooked and decided to try it. “Like any active person, I came to do yoga in sneakers,” smiles Inna.

"In the practice of yoga, the most difficult for me was to achieve concentration, awareness of movements, control over my own attention and stop the internal dialogue."

For quite a long time, Inna tested various areas of yoga, including Iyengar yoga and Ashtanga-vinyasa yoga. At the moment, she trains and teaches according to the YOGA23 system.

Graduated from the National University of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine with a degree in "Physical Culture and Sports", educational program: "Physical Rehabilitation"


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Років двадцять тому я вперше познайомився з йогою від Сідерського! Дякую Вам за Вашу роботу, і особливо за цей сайт! А ще окремо дякую за всі відеокурси Інни Нілової! Дуже якісно й круто! Я купив, здається, всі! :-) Всім раджу!

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