About Us

Yoga Masters is primarily an online yoga studio. You can study with your favorite teachers right from home, and do not waste time on transport, but study in the familiar atmosphere of a comfortable home. The teacher in the video can be seen and heard as if you were in front of him in the first row of rugs.

Yoga Masters is also a catalog of high-quality yoga videos. All submitted materials are video recordings of classes, seminars, lectures, video tutorials or specially made training videos (complexes) or theoretical videos. Video content, no matter the cost, is available in a variety of resolutions, from HD video to adapted to small screens on mobile devices.

The mission of the Yoga Masters resource is to provide visitors with the opportunity to access all kinds of videos on various effective techniques and techniques demonstrated by the best experts.

Important! All videos provided on the site are distributed for informational purposes only . It is strongly not recommended to conduct independent studies based on them. This is only allowed under appropriate instructions from your instructor.

Happy and productive practice!

The Yoga-Masters support team is at your service. Ask your questions: [email protected]