Yuriy Vovchok | Yoga class №1

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Duration: 1 h 24 min
Vovchok Juriy
Vovchok Juriy Yoga Workout System

Athletic Hatha is Yoga23's unique training mode based on hatha yoga exercises that are played back dynamically and synchronized with a clear breathing rhythm. Due to dynamic repetitions, the maximum effect of working out the muscle relief is achieved, excess fat is removed, and the flow of fluids in the body is accelerated. With regular training, coordination, reaction, strength and endurance increase significantly. However, despite the seeming “physical culture” of this regime, those who train in full receive all the yogic “bonuses”: silence of the mind, clarity of consciousness, the ability to concentrate and realize oneself in the world - everything that contributes to the most effective realization of a person in society, regardless on the type of activity and preferences.

Юра, пожалуйста, запишите еще тренировок, я так скучаю по вашим боевым практикам :)


Отличная тренировка, делала её уже раз 5, и ещё буду. Запишите, пожалуйста, ещё тренировок Юрия, такого Мастера нужно записывать как можно больше!

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