The main mechanism of the therapeutic component of pair stretching is the force of gravity and relaxation. When you hang, relaxed, on the arms and legs of your partner, the nature of the circulation of the main fluids - blood and lymph - changes in your body. Relaxation of the body opens the spine - our main energy channel. This happens very gently, because the instrument of influence is the force of gravity of your own body. After this practice, thanks to the removal of internal clamps, the restoration of normal energy circulation and the activation of many life processes, you will feel stronger and younger. The vestibular apparatus is improved, the greatest amplitude of movement of the joints, elasticity of muscles and ligaments is achieved, the process of harmonious redistribution of vital forces and energies is optimized . It is difficult to stretch out on your own the way you can do it with the help of a partner.


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Pair yoga «Therapeutic stretching»

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