"You are only as young as your spine is flexible and young."

First complex. There are two actions that can qualitatively improve the spine - stretching and strengthening it from all sides. 12 movements of the complex are aimed at these actions. They help to "open" the spine, make it more flexible and fill it with energy. These exercises ensure the free flow of life force through the channels of the spine to all physiological and energy centers.

Second complex. The very name of this complex tells us that all exercises are performed in a dynamic mode. In all positions, we strive to relax and stretch the spine as much as possible, twisting to the right and left. At the same time, twisting to one side, take a deep breath, moving to the starting position, exhale.


мне 46 лет, начала выполнять упражнения, разучивая ежедневно по 2. Вначале спина была как камень, только дышала и махала руками, через несколько занятий почувствовала гибкость и стала получать удовольствие от выполнения. Смотрю на видео как ваш позвоночник работает и верю в свои возможности, даже начиная полностью с нуля. Спасибо, Вячеслав, оригинальный комплекс.

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«Healthy Spine» Series

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