A master class on using the Swedish wall to straighten three important zones that form the degree of mobility that opens the door to all body-oriented practices, including yoga:

- upper shoulder girdle, thoracic spine
- area of the hip joint, pelvis
- back of legs

When these zones are well stretched, you will be able to perform the vast majority of yoga forms. Plus, it has a very positive effect on the health of the body.

Fitball and anti-gravity boots are also used. The traction with these additional devices is maximized.

The exercises are simple but very effective.
Very useful from a therapeutic point of view, for pain in the voiced areas. When pain in the lower back, in the iliac joints, with pain in the shoulders, back.


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Full extension techniques with wall bars

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Шведская стенка

Техники вытяжения с использованием шведской стенки


Техники вытяжения с использованием шведской стенки и фитбола

Антигравитационные ботинки

Техники вытяжения с использованием шведской стенки и антигравитационных ботинок