This is the evening part of the morning and evening namaskara course. You can perform separately only in the evening and there will also be a significant result.

Evening is the time when you need to slightly remove or discharge the muscle charge, which, emotionally and psychologically, is formed in the form of unrealized movements and actions, and the body converts it all into tension, tightness, discomfort. Therefore, evening classes consist of 6 short workouts.

One day - balancing and strengthening actions. The second day is relaxing activities for flexibility. According to the principle of tension-stretching (relaxation).

Exercises primarily involve the back and the line along the spine. The flexible aspect is associated with straightening the back of the thighs, stretching the line of the spine, the pelvic area, and the upper shoulder girdle. If we take and scroll through all 6 classes, then we will implement the entire spectrum of the body's study.

Classes unload the nervous system and it becomes possible to fall asleep deeply and recover faster and more fully. It is still ideal to complete the entire course with morning classes , but if this is not possible, then you can alternate - a week in the morning, a week in the evening. Or still only one option - it will also be a good performance.

This is a course of the most concise classes that give the same result as an hour and a half classes. The period of 2 weeks is called the period of short-term adaptation, so in two weeks we will already have a fairly tangible, significant result.

If this course is completed in a month, then the result is fixed and lasts for a long period of time.


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