Power dynamics is one of the breathing modes in the Yoga Workout Quest arsenal (the third part of the Yoga Workout Self-Adjustment System, which is the result of mastering and practicing the material of the first two steps - Yoga Workout Modules and Yoga Workout Adjustment). Yoga Workout Quest is a well-formed system consisting of a large number of different type-modes of practice. The power dynamics mode compensates for the shortcomings of the static modes. There are many static modes in Yoga Workout Quest, there are also mixed modes. In this regard, there are also several dynamic modes, in order to compensate for different aspects and different versions of static and static-dynamic loading.

This complex is built on the example of very simple exercises. This is the shortest version of all dynamic modes. It has a good level of athletic component, but there is also an "energy" component. It can be used for warming up, for morning hygienic exercises, for warming up before sports, or before deep work with asanas.

The complex is very simple, short, invigorating and activating.

Просто и мощно.

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Sequence in «Force Dynamics»

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