In our opinion, this is the most detailed explanation of Hanumanasana that we have come across. How to approach the twine? How to do it safely? How much time will it take, for whom and why? And most importantly - why is hanumanasana needed, is it useful in principle or is it just beautiful? (spoiler - necessary, useful, but if you do everything right and without injury).
This is all the theoretical part of the lesson, which does not take much time. But the main highlight of this lesson is the techniques that Vyacheslav shows and tells how to easily, painlessly and certainly sit in the twine with their help. Vyacheslav competently, reasonably tells why and where to start, what to pay attention to, how to distribute the load, how to “listen to yourself” so as not to get injured, how to pull in a complex way, all the muscles and ligaments that are involved in the asana, and not just the most important and obvious "not letting" into the asana. Indeed, often the problem of “plugging” in the splits is a one-sided approach, when one side of the legs is stretched and without knowing it, it is not possible to advance in the asana due to other muscles and ligaments, which, it seems, should not affect. Vyacheslav reveals and explains all this in detail in this video tutorial. Good luck with Hanumanasana!

Качественное видео, о том как делать и что делать, и чего не делать. Ждем подобного продолжения по другим темам, например отдельное видео по стойке на руках, или по стойке на предплечьях, ну и конечно падмасана. Спасибо!

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