Pavlyukova Taisia
Pavlyukova Taisia
  • Type of practice: Yoga23
  • Practice experience: since 2004 year
  • Teaching experience: since 2010 year

Taisiya Pavlyukova has been teaching yoga for over 8 years. Her workouts combine strength and flexibility of the body. Work in static positions alternates with moving exercises in dynamics. Taisiya pays special attention to transitions between asanas. In her work, she uses the Yin & Yang stretching style and dynamic stretching and static power fixations. During her training, you will be able to disconnect from worries and discover something new in your psyche, physiology and spirit, and flexibility exercises will help you get rid of the "clamps" in your body.

Here is what Taisiya says about yoga: “Yoga is not practiced for spectacular tricks or a beautiful body (although all this also comes as a result). The practice of yoga is aimed at healing, improving well-being and harmonizing the state. When you do not torment your body for the sake of external results, but harmoniously improve your entire functional system, you get a healthy body, a strong, flexible, beautiful body and a clear head.



Reviews for the teacher
sa*********[email protected]

Прекрасный преподаватель! Очень сбалансированные тренировки, после которых чувствуешь прилив сил. Спасибо что вы есть)

m***[email protected]

Таисия волшебница! Тренировки возрождают к жизни!

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