A series of exercises for the eyes is very simple. The techniques are very similar to others found in different sources, but here the synchronization of all eye movements with breathing is added, as well as "virtual" movements are added, i.e. movements of attention and, as it were, an attempt to follow with a glance the movement of attention in a direction in which the eyes cannot look, for example, back.

A series of exercises, on the one hand, keeps you in good shape, on the other hand, allows you to relax the oculomotor muscles, and also involves the accommodative muscles, which can eventually lead to vision correction. It can also be a good training tool in order to learn to concentrate and distribute attention, direct attention, redirect, change the direction of concentration and distribute attention in space, not only in the part where it is easily directed, but also in the part where we are not very accustomed to directing attention.

You can do it anytime, anywhere. It can be done separately, or before training, as a warm-up of attention and interaction with the virtual sphere of perception.

Дуже круті вправи, несподівані, працюючі, а в поєднанні взагалі супер. Дякую :) На 10 хв (другий квадрат) , пропустили дві бічні "частинки/лопасті" :)

Приєднуюсь до попереднього відгуку A*********[email protected]. Вчитель вказує як робити вправи та дає установку на порядок виконання вправ для підготовки до ............, уважно дивимось теорію!!!!! Гармонії та Рівноваги!

10 минут практики в день превзошли мои ожидания. Ощутимо улучшилась координация движений тела при выполнении физических упражнений, на открытом, закрытом пространстве, координация пальцев при печати вслепую! И все это за несколько дней практики.

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Gymnastics for eyes and concentration

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Теоретическое видео выполнения гимнастики для глаз.


Практика выполнения гимнастики для глаз.