We are all subject to stress, and those who work, and those who study, travel. Stress can be both positive, which stimulates us to develop, and negative, which occurs over a long period (we don’t go on vacation for a long time, we wake up to the alarm clock for several years). Stress accumulates in the form of tension, most often in the neck, in the chest, there is chronic tension in the shoulder girdle, in the lower back. And the accumulated tension in the body leads to mental tension, respectively. And vice versa, if you constantly worry about problems, it will be reflected in the body.

The complex is built with a lot of slopes, i.е. inverted figures. Any figure where the pelvis is higher than the head is considered inverted and, according to yogis, it turns back time. We improve blood circulation in the head, thus improving the nutrition of brain cells and helping it to renew itself.
There are also exercises for the press, for the center, for the legs, which helps to disperse tension throughout the body and when you relax, the tension will go away in general.

Stress resistance is the right quality for any modern person. Alas, in our realities, many people often confuse stress with depression and similar mental disorders. First of all, you need to remember that depression is a pathology that needs to be treated, according to the signs that confirm this diagnosis. Stress is not a disease, it is the body's response to environmental stimuli, both positive and negative. A moderate stressful situation is even useful, it allows you to keep the body in good shape. Our sequence is just built in such a way as to cause this short-term necessary stress in the body. But long-term and regular exposure to negative stress factors leads to chronic stress that can cause serious overload, from which, oddly enough, the immune system suffers first. Stressful situations activate the activity of the central nervous system, which begins to trigger anti-stress protection mechanisms - pressure and cardiac activity increase, thereby improving blood flow to organs and tissues, as a result, the concentration of glucose, fats and proteins in the blood plasma increases, the activity of the digestive systems decreases, excreted cortisol, norepinephrine, adrenaline - stress hormones. The body goes into a state of readiness, being on the verge of making a decision - to avoid further exposure to stressors or to deal with them. This situation, under the condition of prolonged exposure, leads to an increased consumption of nutrients, and, in the end, ends with exhaustion. Avoid this if possible.

Благодарю! Хорошо помогает выровнять состояние!

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Sequence «Antistress»

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