Warm-up techniques that both yogis and athletes can use:

  • warm-up lying on your back - you can start doing it right in bed, in the morning. Just raise your legs and begin to perform the proposed set of exercises;
  • warm-up "Puppeteer" - it is good to perform it throughout the day, because it improves blood circulation in the most important joints for us, the largest joints are the ankle, knee, hip joint, shoulders, neck;
  • going through all the moving joints from the bottom up is a great warm-up that can be used anywhere. Before CrossFit, before running, before swimming. This is the best warm-up that revitalizes all the joints: fingers, lower back, spine - you use everything;
  • asana workout. This is yoga, but not quite yet. There are no lengthy commits here, so even a beginner? if he does something wrong, he will not harm himself. This is an absolutely safe warm-up where yoga figures are used and you perform each figure for one breath: exhalation is movement, inhalation is fixation;
  • a warm-up series that helps to feel the balance, because in yoga very often balance figures are used on one leg, on the hands, relying on one side, on the second, and this simple set of exercises, where the figures are performed with fixation for just one breath, will help to warm up before other "balance" series.


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5 warm-up sequences

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