Training series that are specially designed to relax and naturally enter yoga nidra.

This is an entry-level series. There is also a more complex series with lotus:

Yoga Nidra series for experienced practitioners (ru)

In order for yoga nidra to happen after practicing this series, you don’t need to do anything, just sit, meditate and lie down, relax in shavasana and the state of yoga nidra will come by itself.

The series are arranged in such a way that you can vary the practice time. You can do one series, or two or three in a row. The action will be approximately the same, but if you do all three in a row, it will additionally be a very good athletic training.

The most valuable thing about these series is that they are arranged in such a way as to relieve stress and generate the relaxation that we need to enter yoga nidra.

The output from these series should be a high-quality, deep, very pleasant, smooth meditation with a state of stillness, silence, silence and an optimistic mood in the silence of the mind. With such relaxation, body relaxation is very easily activated in shavasana, and where the body is well relaxed, yoga nidra is also easily activated.

It’s great to perform these series in the evening after a busy day - relieve stress, relax, meditate and immerse yourself in yoga nidra.

There are additional advantages of this series, which you can learn about by watching the promotional video of this series with Andrey Sidersky.


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