Consists of two parts - for the back and for the legs. Suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. The training sequence is built on the principle of a gradual increase in the level of complexity of the exercises performed, which allows you to adjust the degree of load and see the prospects for growth in your practice. Detailed comments will help to capture the essence, safely and correctly perform the training complex.

Continuation of the theme of a multi-level approach in the study of yoga gymnastics. The emphasis is on working out the spine and shoulder girdle and on working on the legs. Nevertheless, in both complexes the whole body is worked out, regardless of the accents.

Training will contribute to the development of mobility of the hip joints, strengthening the muscular corset of the spine, shoulder girdle and core muscles. Allows you to balance the resource of strength and flexibility in the body. The ability to regulate the load level will make your practice harmonious and balanced.


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From simple to complex №2

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