Pain in the back and joints are familiar to each of us. Unsuccessfully turned, worked too hard or lifted weights - all this can put us out of action for a long time and cause a lot of discomfort. And in this situation, the argument does not even help: “How is it? I'm a yogi!" To protect yourself as much as possible, to make your back and joints stronger, you need special strengthening actions. Strong muscles of the main motor active zones will help you to endure any physical activity more easily, not only during yoga, etc., but also at the everyday level in everyday life. Thanks to strong muscles, your spine and joints will maintain their flexibility, and you will remain healthy and energetic person, at any age. With the help of simple movements and their repetitions in a certain amount, you can improve your metabolism, strengthen your internal organs and maintain health for many years.


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Therapeutic Strengthenings

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Комплекс «Терапевтические укрепления»