A series (cycle) in the style of Yoga Workout Quest of medium difficulty. The first complex is even closer to the light one, but in the second one there is a lotus, which, in principle, is from a moderately high level, but it can be replaced with a half lotus, so the cycle can be considered an average level.
In the training cycle, you can notice how gradually, from complex to complex, from series to series, meditative immersion deepens and how a specific mode of brain operation is more and more massively activated.
What is also very characteristic of the training cycle is that the exercises are not repeated. All complexes of one cycle are made from different asanas.
Cycle complexes can be practiced intensively, for example, a series of 2 complexes can be completed in 1 day - in the morning and in the evening. And you can break it into two days .. Or vice versa, do a long workout with meditations between the complexes. How convenient.

Carefully follow the dictation of breathing and breathe in the mode in which I suggest. In this case, the tempo is not important, there is no metronome, and the principle of influencing the brain in this practice is completely different. And if you suddenly want to do two in a row - you can, but it's better to do one a day.

And yes, the complexes are in black and white .


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Yoga Workout Cycle #7 (2 sequences)

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Про систему Yoga Workout System

Кратко о системе Yoga Workout System.

Комплекс первый

Среднего уровня сложности. Ближе даже к лёгкому, но некоторые элементы будет сложно выполнять начинающим практикам.

Комплекс второй

Весь комплекс с «лотосом», но если его заменить на полулотос, то получится комплекс среднего уровня.