Gutsalyuk Vyacheslav
Gutsalyuk Vyacheslav
  • Type of practice: Hatha-yoga, Pair yoga
  • Practice experience: since 1995 year
  • Teaching experience: since 1997 year

     Vyacheslav Gutsalyuk has been practicing hatha yoga for since 1995. Vyacheslav is convinced that yoga is an antivirus for all organs and systems of our body and our psyche, it is a tool that, like a tuning fork, tunes a person to a creative sound, it is a matrix of the natural state.

     He teaches yoga, loves life in all its manifestations, constantly improves her professional and individual qualities of a teacher and a person, learns from everyone around her. As a teacher with a classical pedagogical education, he sees the prospect not in teaching as many exercises, techniques or styles as possible, but in falling in love, through his personal example, practicing life, health, hatha yoga, exercises.

     Here is what Vyacheslav says about yoga: “I firmly believe that a person comes into this world with a program: to be healthy, happy and rich (in all respects)! In the process of life, for a number of reasons, other “viral installations” come or fall to the forefront of our life guidelines, a “failure in the system” occurs. We need an anti-virus program on the hard drive of our consciousness and subconsciousness, which would detect viruses in our bio- and psycho-system, with the help of which they would be eliminated and, subsequently, would never distort our perception of the surrounding reality and ourselves in it. »



Reviews for the teacher
l*******[email protected]

Отличный урок по Хануманасане, обьяснение и подача асан, и их порядок толково ведут к цели. Преподаватель с большой буквы.

9*****[email protected]

Добрый день,
Мне очень нравятся уроки Вячеслава.
Все подробно описывает, доступно и эффективно.
Спасибо ????

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