Gift certificates (+instructions for use)

Don't know what to give friends or relatives for the new year or birthday? We have a solution - give them yoga. Introducing Yoga Masters gift certificates - absolutely any denomination and a convenient electronic version.

A certificate can be used to purchase any video on the site, as well as a subscription to an online studio.
The acquisition mechanism is as follows:
1) Write to [email protected] a request to purchase a certificate (value, quantity) and color option.
2) We send a link for payment
3) After confirming the payment, we will send you the certificate itself in JPG format in good quality, which you can print if you wish.

Happy holidays everyone!

Instructions for use:

1. At, add a video and/or an online studio subscription to your shopping cart for at least the value of the certificate to use the entire amount of the certificate. If the certificate is used in a basket whose amount is less than the face value, the excess will burn .

2. Enter the certificate code in the field for entering the discount coupon or gift certificate code and click "apply". (if you have a discount coupon, then you need to enter it AFTER the certificate)

3. Make the payment of the remaining amount or, if the certificate fully covers the amount of the basket - go through the "choose payment method" button to validate the repayment of the entire amount by the certificate.

4. Use the video or subscription through the "User Account" or on the page of the video itself. Do not forget to always be authorized on the site to view the purchased video.

Gift certificates look like this: