This is a recording of the online seminar by Andrey Vladimirovich Sidersky, which was dedicated to the topic of Yoga23FiT breathing modes. In great detail, 5 hours, with examples (sequences for each mode of breathing), answers to questions from the participants of the seminar, Andrey Vladimirovich analyzed each mode of breathing in detail. Why, why and how exactly to use them in practice.

The video is very informative and a "must have" for educators.

And practitioners will find there a lot of useful information for their practice, as well as a large number of complexes in order to diversify their practice.

  1. Overview of the Yoga23FiT methodology section.
  2. The rhythm of breathing and movement in the practice of Yoga23FiT training sequences.
  3. Breathing modes for performing training sequences:

Modes of the "energy" group:

  • The mode of "energy activation" (ACTIVE ENERGY MODE).
  • Athletic power mode (ATHLETIC POWER MODE, or ATHLETIC HATHA).

Modes of the "energy-informational" group:

  • The mode of "in-depth energy study" (DEEP ENERGY MODE).
  • Power balance mode (POWER BALANCE MODE).
  • Power control mode (POWER CONTROL MODE).
  • Mode of "power meditation" (POWER MEDITATION MODE).

Modes of the "information" group, or meditative modes:

  • Mode of "meditative control" (MEDITATION CONTROL MODE).
  • Mode "meditation in motion" (MEDITATION IN MOTION MODE).
  • The thirteenth mode is the free flow mode (FREE FLOW MODE).


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General principles and details of Yoga23FiT training modes

online viewing and downloading

Часть 1

Режимы «энергетической» и «энергоинформационной» группы.

Часть 2

Режимы «информационной» группы, или медитативные режимы.