Russia's war against Ukraine

Yoga Masters is a Ukrainian resource. We live near the airport "Borispol" near Kyiv. On February 24, at about 4 am, my wife and children woke up from downed rockets that were flying to the airport. Two cruise missiles that were shot down by our air defense. These were the first missiles that flew towards our country from Russia. And the war began. We immediately understood that it was the war that had begun, because. The United States had said bluntly a month before that Russia was preparing for a full-scale invasion, we all saw the accumulation of military equipment. Also, because on the evening before the day of the attack, our president published a video from which it was clear that there would be a war and we would be attacked. The first news after the attack was a video of crazy Putin, who, as usual, like a gopnik, declares war on our wonderful, beloved country, Ukraine. Because we want to be free.

And now, for almost a month, the war has been going on in our country. We are defending ourselves against the invasion of the Russian occupation troops into our Ukraine. In 2022. With mobile internet all over planet Earth and a working rover on Mars.

And we have discovered a lot of new things this month. It turned out that Russia has ceased to be the USSR legally, but has not lost absolutely all the principles by which the USSR worked. That all-consuming propaganda not only broadcasts, but influences. And it affects all Russians, without exception. That people, although they have access to any information, choose only the one that is comfortable for them and perceive information only in the way that they like. And all are deprived of the ability of "critical thinking". They choose information that does not knock the ground out from under their feet and does not tell that the Russians are just one of the many nations on the planet and far from being the most successful, and now they are completely fascists, like someone in the 40s of the last century. And they not only see and believe propaganda, but are also ready to act in accordance with propaganda.

We learned that Russia killed itself. Propaganda is so all-consuming that not only the factory worker watching TV believes in it, but also the employees of state structures that form analytics. And they provided analytics, according to propaganda, where Ukraine is a weak small country. And Putin thought he would conquer Ukraine in three days. But it turned out that not only the analytics on the state of Ukraine was wrong, but also the analytics on the state of their own Russia - after all, great Russia cannot have military forces plundered by corruption America and decaying countries around). And Russia really thought that it would attack a weak country with strong and tough armed forces. But it turned out that Ukraine is a 40-million state with its own functioning institutions (for example, the armed forces, parliament and cabinet of ministers, city mayors and regional governors). That we all, it turns out, exist as a people, both strong and separate, and that we are not a district of the big city "Russia", that we are a big and strong country. Despite the fact that for many years now Russia has poured in huge amounts of money and efforts to slow down our development for many years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

At first we understood that Putin is a madman, that he has gone mad, that he is a lunatic and a maniac. But now, after a month of the war, we understand that, unfortunately, he is the president of the Russians and still reflects their essence. Unfortunately, the Russians, in order to satisfy their imperial complex and unwillingness to recognize their mediocrity as a nation, are ready to tear their neighbors, portraying an empire. We are ready to support it actively or passively.

We realized that Russia is a huge, 100 million sect , where there are all signs of a sect:

  1. The Infallible Leader . (Putin)
  2. Suppression of rational consciousness . (propaganda)
  3. Opposition to the world . (Russia against the West)
  4. Common goal and isolation from the outside world. (save the Russian language, which is supposedly being destroyed in the outside world)
  5. Identification symbols (Russian flag and Z)
  6. Hierarchy and Dual Teaching . (there are people and there is power and there is an abyss between them, but the hierarchy is clear to everyone - people from below, power above, and infinity between them)

We are from Ukraine

But also, once again, we were convinced that we, Ukrainians, are cool , just insanely brave and great people. That we love our country and each other and are not going to lose it all. Each of us decided this - indeed. And almost everyone began to act. We all help our military and each other. The military - to win the war (yes, that's right, this is a war - there will be a winner and a loser, this is not a special operation that will simply end successfully or not successfully). If we lose, we will lose our freedom. But we will win, and Russia will lose. Because the whole world and goodness wins, and now everyone is with us. We have a lot of allies, because we are on the side of good.

We learned that the "Iron Curtain" is an unconditional self-defense reflex of a militant autocracy in case of a loss. It closes its citizens the opportunity to receive information and says - we win, that's right, don't look up. And he continues to live, not paying attention to his decomposition. And most likely it will. They will begin to tell you exactly why you are impoverished and that this is normal, and for the great goal that you are pursuing this fearlessly. Temporarily and quickly stabilizes. But this won't happen. Russia will fall apart month after month, decay, lose everything and turn into a swamp of fear and horror.

Russia's war against Ukraine

Once again, there is a war going on in Ukraine. Russia's war against Ukrainians, against us. For almost a month now, Russia has been trying to seize at least something in our country with the hands of its armed forces.
We are in Ukraine, near Kyiv, we go to Kyiv on business, we hear explosions of artillery systems around Kyiv, we see houses destroyed by rockets, we support wounded acquaintances from the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Ukrainian Armed Forces) and we see and know everything, unlike the Russians.
We sleep in the basement and freeze from slamming doors, but we are glad, because. safe and alive, which, unfortunately, a lot of people in Ukraine do not have.

We transferred most of our money to support the army, because. war is a very costly business. And we will continue.
We try to help in any way we can to repel the attack. Although, of course, it always seems that it is not enough.

For the money, here are the proven funds:
Come Back Alive Foundation –

The best, in our opinion, the bank of Ukraine "Monobank" has made a convenient interface for replenishing the official account:

Or the National Bank of Ukraine itself:

Briefly on points.

1. Propaganda.
Putin is not a great leader, but a petty offended dwarf who fools his people, keeps them in poverty and fear. Since 2013, a fucking propaganda machine has been operating and the vast majority of Russians are under the influence. It worked before, but since 2013 it has intensified due to preparations for the current war. They tell the Russians how great, strong and wonderful they are, praising them so that they blur in the ecstasy of flattery, and then they throw it into their heads about fascism, some kind of Bendera, etc.
Ukraine suddenly did not change in 2013, it remained the same as it was Ukraine. It's just that we have always been a separate sovereign nation that has existed for a thousand years, which was captured at one time by the Soviet Union and was constantly subjected to terror until the collapse of the USSR. Then, of course, we wanted to be independent, but most of the ruling elite remained from the Soviet Union and pursued the interests of Russia. And year after year we are slowly trying to go our own way, creating our own, electing more pro-Ukrainian politicians who pursue the interests of the people of Ukraine, not Russia. And this is normal, because we are a different country.

2. putin
As I said, Putin is a petty notorious dwarf with a huge self-importance. And we, as a people, have been vilifying him for a very long time. Because of this, he wants to wipe us off the face of the earth. Everything is so simple. There is no geopolitics. There is just a little shit who runs a nuclear country and we who call him a dick:

3. Russians
Alas, Russians now = Germans during the Second World War. They often don’t even understand why everything is blocked for them, why everyone began to hate them - they are not told on TV that they can easily be simply put in the place of a German from 1943. That's all. The Russians are fascists, Russia is the aggressor, and like the Germans, they don’t row at all what is happening around, because. befuddled by propaganda. But this will pass and they will fall into the wildest depression, because no one wants to be a pariah nation, a nation of fascists. Remember the scoop when the authorities said that everything was fine, that we were great, but as a result, poverty, huge lines for bread and total devastation. Now the same people who were in the Soviet Union are in power, their methods are the same. Everything is exactly the same.

From useful:

Fascism is a form of open dictatorship based on racism and chauvinism, aimed at eradicating democracy, establishing a regime of brutal reaction and preparing aggressive wars.
(who started the war? he is a fascist. alas)

Chauvinism is an extreme, most reactionary nationalism that preaches racial exclusivity and incites national enmity and hatred.

Dictatorship is unlimited power based on the power of the ruling class.

What and who can do?

Ukrainians already know what to do.
The world knows too. We receive a lot, a lot of help from all over the world. Not enough to quickly win and live on, but still a lot.
And the Russians can do nothing. No matter how much anyone shouted, told, persuaded. Russians understand only strength and resistance, poverty and disease. Even the most progressive Russian, who visits friends in Ukraine and understands that there is nonsense and propaganda on TV, still suffers from chauvinism, considering Russia great, Russians unique, and everything else is petty and “not right”.
The West is freaking out right now. Fucks from Ukraine and Ukrainians, because. was also under the indirect influence of Russian propaganda at all levels, and considered Ukraine “one of russian countries” (meaning the post-scoop) and from Russia, not understanding why they are still fighting, why they are exacerbating their situation day by day driving themselves and their country into the deepest hole. They think logically, and based on logic, they expect Russia to act, and Russia acts on the basis of the religion of its sectarian ideology. So Russia will stop going not when it stops, but when it cannot.
It remains only to hope that this will happen as soon as possible.

About the work of Yoga Masters

Since we spend the night in basements, and our country and people are destroyed by Russian bombs, we naturally cease to provide services on the territory of a country that is at war with us. Many people say that it is necessary to work on the contrary, and to use the money from purchases by Russians for the army. But no, it can't and it won't. We cannot receive money from the aggressor country. The same money that is paid in taxes to the budget of the aggressor's country and turns into shells that bomb our cities. Now we don’t need anything from Russia, let them dump us from our country and leave us alone.

Because Since we have always been a Russian-language resource, then all our content is in Russian. After all, teachers in Ukraine teach in Russian. And we always didn’t care, like most Ukrainians, because yes, there was no problem with the Russian language. We all, absolutely everyone in Ukraine understand Russian, many, as we speak and think in Russian, but we also all speak and love the Ukrainian language very much (and we also know English and often know the 4th language, because our schools study 2 foreign languages). And starting from 2014, when Russian aggression against Ukraine began, many began to switch to Ukrainian. Simply by choosing a language that is not related to terrorism. Now the Russian language for us is associated with fascism, with war, with death, with the hell that the Russians have created on our land. And of course, we will move away from the Russian. We will translate all content into Ukrainian and English, no matter how many resources and time it takes.