Palo Santo: what you need to know about healing incense

Palo santo has long taken over the world of wellness - on the Instagram of every self-respecting lover of a healthy lifestyle, you will definitely see these mini-logs. Healing incense not only complements the interior, but also helps to recover. We tell you what are the advantages of the ritual tree and why you should pay attention to it.

Palo santo is a type of tree native to South America. From Spanish, the name translates as "holy tree". Palo santo, also known as ibiokai, is valued at the same level as sandalwood and frankincense. Burning this particular type of wood was not accidental: it contains guaiac oil, which is widely used in perfumery and cosmetology.

Beneficial features:

Incense has a number of useful properties: from healing and healing diseases to relaxation and cleansing space from negative energy. The aroma of palo santo helps the body to relax, cope with panic and get rid of anxiety and insomnia. He is also able to control the aura of space: it is believed that the smoke of this tree affects energy waves. With a wand, you can also clean crystals or jewelry with natural stones from the accumulation of energy: just spend a few circles with a smoking chip or put your amulets next to a smoldering bar.

If you are not one of those who believe in the movement of energy flows in space, palo santo has another useful property. It has a complex chemical composition, especially rich in limonene, which is also present in the peel of citrus fruits - and is an insect repellent. So, if you are unlucky and your house is suddenly inhabited by incomprehensible flying creatures, a smoldering chip will help you.


The ability of palo santo smoke to relax has been noticed in South America. Even the Incas cleansed of negative energy and calmed patients with the help of this tree. They cast out evil spirits and protected themselves from them. Now yogis especially love it for these properties and use it during meditation : the fragrant smoke of palo santo helps to tune in to the right mood. Incense exudes a unique smell - subtle notes of rose, sweetish wood, citrus and smoke. This mixture relieves nervous tension and acts as an aphrodisiac.

Good news for those who especially like the aroma of incense - notes of wood are actively used in perfumery. Palo santo can also be found in cosmetics such as moisturizing lotions, body wash or creams. It has healing properties and speeds up the recovery process. Still shavings of this tree are sometimes added to tea and herbal drinks. Acting from the inside, the oil can not only soothe the body, but also help cure colds and relieve headaches. This tea is also useful for inflammation.

How to burn Palo Santo:

Holding the stick at the base, set fire to its end. Allow the edge of the bar to heat evenly - this usually takes 20-40 seconds. And then blow out the stick - it will smolder for several more hours. With a steaming palo santo, you can sweep around you or in the space around you in smooth movements to clear energy or fill the room with a woody scent. When the smoke starts to fade, gently blow on the stick to start smoldering again. Be sure to place it on a ceramic or iron stand and put it in an area where neither children nor animals can reach it.

When to burn palo santo

Incense can be used according to mood, but experts recommend certain moments favorable for the ritual. For example, it is useful to light a bar after moving to a new place, after buying vintage jewelry (especially with stones or crystals), when you are depressed, or after a quarrel with a loved one. You should also use incense for making wishes - the aroma will help you focus on your thoughts.

In case you don't like playing with fire or if the smell of palo santo seems too intense for you, you can limit yourself to buying guaiac oil - and add it to your care or apply it on your wrists. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and soothing properties, so this method will also help you relax.



Source: Vogue