Balandina Alyona
Balandina Alyona

Alena Balandina is an experienced yoga teacher. In 2015, she received a diploma in physical rehabilitation from the National University of Physical Education and Sports.

In her practice, Alena focuses on the development of the cervical and thoracic spine, which is so necessary for residents of megacities. With the help of her training, you can not only improve the condition of the CSP (cervical and thoracic spine), but also relieve the pain syndrome that occurs when the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle are overstressed by stress.

Now Alena travels a lot and studies Tai Chi Chuan. He also conducts seminars on the Ba Duan Jing complex (“8 pieces of brocade”) - this is the pearl of the Qigong health-improving technique, which is also called Chinese ethereal gymnastics. The complex was developed by doctors and its main task is therapeutic. It has a positive effect on the activity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increases joint mobility, strengthens the immune system, harmonizes the psycho-emotional state, it allows a healthy person to strengthen strength and endurance.


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