Drink monks and samurai. Matcha – Corriscine Nootropic

Matcha tea appeared in Japan around the 8th century, to the start of the Japanese monks who arrived in China to practice Buddhism. Over the years, the halo of living has expanded to scientific deacons, rulers of states, and samurai have included yoga in everyday life. According to its texture - tse, details on stone millstones, tea leaf.

Matcha today is not just a trendy Japanese tea, but a brown nootropic. Nootropics, as usual - speeches to improve the brain's work. Positively pour into memory, it can reduce stress.

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A classic matcha chavan of 80 ml, about half the caffeine of lower kava (espresso), but also giving a real charge of energy for the rosy spirit of a person.

Matcha does not vysnazhuє the nervous system, like kava, navpaki - for the lightness of the obviousness of L-tіanіnu, which beneficially pours into the brain of the robot - gives the focus of respect and calm camp of thoughts at once, transfer the robot's brain from beta-sleep to alpha-sleep. We consider ourselves energetically those choices.

As a superfood, matcha removes toxins from the body, lowering the level of cholesterol and bagata by a large number of potent antioxidants. Grate the leaves of the match, even more alive and brown. And with regular implantation - it promotes the degeneration of clitin, which improves the process of old!

Matcha and yoga

In the Japanese ceremony, there is only one type of tea and matcha, which is of no importance for all of Japan. The ceremony of the match with mysticism and spiritual practice. Ale, smut, what a match - the whole process. І respect, invested in the new, it is obligatory to turn around with a special quiet camp of thoughts.

The sight of Saint-No-Rikyu, a prominent figure in the Japanese tea ceremony, which are based on the fundamental principles that exemplify the essence of tea - harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. Zavdyaki especially di, matcha becomes a harmonious ally in the practice of yoga. Our favorite day is the ranking ceremony of the match and yoga practice.

Napoi on the basis of the match

On the basis of the match, you can prepare original and savory drinks and share with you your favorite recipes:


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Sencha is the most popular green tea in Japan. Wines are grown in other green teas with their own processing method: Sencha leaves are not lubricated, but rather processed in pairs, and then later - twisted in a thin spirit of a smug, which coniferous needles tell.

Thousands of years ago, the monks selected this variety, and only the most famous could afford it. OYCHA promotes the fresh choice of 2021 from the piracy regions of the “Country of Sontsya, where to go”, Kagosima prefecture (Kashoshima).

The only thing you need is to use the brewing technique of the lower grade. If you don’t overheat the tea leaves, the tea won’t be hot, the astringency and relish of fresh greens in the day with tropical fruits will be less easy.
fresh, eye-opening, elegant organic green tea

Antioxidant - remove toxins from the body.
Classic for maintaining a healthy vagary, more improving metabolism.

Japan, Uji 700 m / 2022 r.
Fresh greens, tropical fruits - 300 ml, 75 * C, 2.5 gr, 3 min.

KENYA + wound = super strength for a long day. Kenyan black tea mayzhe yak kava third wind! I didn’t overb_lshennya, but yogo warehouse - a large number of fresh tea brunoki, yakі bly retelno zіbranі at an altitude of 2000m above the sea level. Same Kenіyskiy tea as zhoden іnshiy reminiscence of brown minerals and volcanic soil. On the first strait, you break into the African country of great waterfalls and exotic creatures, but one brew shows more than 5 such expensive straits.

Dried fruits, berries, spices 300 ml, 96 *C, 3 gr, 5 min.

Dian Huni are classic representatives of red Chinese teas. The stench grows near the mountains of Jingu, in the pivdnі province of Yunnan. You often dine with black tea, but Dian Huni can have a richer richer relish that sounds sweeter than vishucano. And the variety Golden Tips is to avenge a large number of tea tips, which will give you a taste and aroma especially rich. The great golden hairs of burunka give off a licorice relish: notes of buckwheat honey intertwine with the relish of dark chocolate and caramel. Do not fight the saw siege, it is normal for this variety. The astringency of the siege can only be brought to the light and watery variety of a particularly savory taste.

Greek honey, caramel, dark chocolate 300 ml, 96 * C, 4 gr, 5 min.

A unique blend, limited edition in collaboration with Zhygun-herbs: fresh herbs from the meadows of Ukrainian meadows with organic Japanese Sencha tea. Rankove zilla is the perfect ear of your day, in a delicate balance between herbs and tea. Warehouse: sencha, ginkgo biloba, eleutherococcus, echinacea, zvіrobіy, equerry, convalіya, lemon, lofant, mate, stevia.

Unique blend, limited edition in OYCHA collaboration with Zhygun-herbs. Ranok is an hour for a charge of energy, concentration and inspiration for great achievements. Fresh herbs from the meadows of Ukrainian meadows in the same time with organic Japanese Sencha tea are the best suited for meti. Rankove zilla - the ideal ear of your day, yakim bi vin not buv. A delicate balance between herbs and tea gives purification of thoughts, calmness and calmness for the nervous system. Warehouse: sencha, ginkgo biloba, eleutherococcus, echinacea, zvіrobіy, equerry, convalіya, lemon, lofant, mate, stevia.

Lemon, tea, herbs 300 ml, 90 * C, 4 gr, 5-7 min.