Video is in Ukrainian. Why are our muscles tense? Because we live in constant stress.
Everything that we called stress until 2022 is not perceived as such now.
Everything we did until 2022 to overcome stress is not working now, more intensive methods are needed.

What is happening to us? During stress, the heart beats faster, the pressure rises so that a person is ready to move quickly, the upper arms are raised to protect the head from a possible threat, and the head is pulled into the body. The abdominal muscles tighten to protect the internal organs. The fingers of the hands are clenched into fists - preparing for a fight, the muscles of the face tense up, the jaws are clenched - this is a natural reaction of the body and a person, like an animal, prepares to fight or run and hide.
As a social being, a person cannot fight or run away every time a stressful situation arises, we must continue to communicate and function in society. But muscle tension does not disappear anywhere from the body, it accumulates and gradually manifests itself in posture, facial expressions, and motor activity.
With constant stress stretched over time, this accumulated muscle tension prevents us from living. Headache and toothache, body stiffness and limited movement appear. And constant aching muscle pain. Tension in the body provokes rapid fatigue, poor sleep, bad mood, deterioration of mental abilities.

In order to get rid of tension in the body, and through the body to remove emotional and psychological tension, we offer two sets of exercises.
One complex is more dynamic and powerful, but ends with deep stretching, it is more suitable for morning and daytime practice. The second complex for evening or night practice has a deep relaxation effect and guarantees quality sleep and recovery during sleep. You may want to only stretch before going to bed, that is, perform only one set out of two, but note that a more active set of exercises should teach your muscles to move actively and not tense up with further stress. That is, it has a prolonged effect on the future.

We offer these two sets of exercises in the following versions:

  •   for people who have been practicing yoga for some time - with gradual complication of the practice; it will be difficult for beginners;
  •   for the average level of practitioners - with gradual complication to a more advanced level.


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Sequences for relieving tension in the body (UA)

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