Two complexes that lead to the longitudinal and transverse splits (hanumanasana and samokonasana).

The essence of the complexes is in the correct techniques for "deceiving the muscles", because the muscles have a myotatic reflex, or the so-called "stretch reflex" - when we stretch the muscle, it resists.
Therefore, you need to take a number of actions to deceive your muscles.
And we will do it in different ways:
1. It is better to do it in a warm room.
2. You need to do it in a calm state, without stress, in a relaxed state.
3. Muscles should be pulled slowly, gradually and REGULARLY.
4. Warm up before stretching techniques.
5. Correct, consistent stretching technique (the complex itself).

The purpose of the practice is important. Do not stretch the twine for the sake of twine, because the only thing that twine may need is the maximum tension of the muscle-tendon bundles in order to achieve maximum stretch, which in turn will allow you to get rid of negative blocks both at the level of the body and at the level of thoughts and feelings. But all this is achieved every time you practice, not just when the form is achieved. The process of practice is important here, which in any case will give a result, whether you are in the splits or not.


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Sequence for working out longitudinal and transverse twines

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