Energy-dynamic techniques of the Yoga23 methodological system

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Yoga23's energodynamic techniques are specifically designed to enhance the informational impact of complex yoga practice programs. In fact, these techniques as a whole constitute a full-fledged self-sufficient algorithm. Its purpose is to optimize the state of the so-called "cocoon of awareness" and the complex of centers and channels of the body responsible for managing the informational component of a human being - its "information matrix". In yoga, these centers and channels are known as chakras and nadis.

The energy-dynamic part of the Yoga23 methodical system consists of five complexes: "Dragon's Tooth", "Iron Phoenix", "Zero", "Eight" and two additional cycles of movements - "Web" and "Tornado". Some purely superficial similarity of the dynamic complexes of the Yoga23 system with individual movements of various styles of qigong has led to their incorrectly being called “Qigong Y23”. In fact, the energy dynamics of Yoga23 has almost nothing to do with the traditional Qigong techniques, although it is much easier to master after the Yang Qigong complex of the Tianzhong Ying style has been studied and worked out.

Energy-dynamic techniques of the Yoga23 methodological system

The purpose and basic rules for the implementation of dynamic complexes are as follows:

"Dragon's Tooth" - removal from the internal volume of the "cocoon of awareness" of the products of nighttime energy-information metabolism, morning renewal of the energy supply of the centers and channels of the entire information control system. Ideally done early in the morning.

"Iron Phoenix" - optimization of the state of that part of the information control system that is responsible for the vital activity and performance of organs and systems, that is, the "executive component" of a human being (physiological "machine", a complex of instincts, desire). Optimizes the state of Muladhara, Svadhisthana and Manipura Chakras. It is performed in the first half of the day - until astronomical noon.

“Zero” is the optimization of the state of that part of the information control system that is responsible for the vital activity and performance of the control aspects of a human being (intention, awareness, thinking). Optimizes the state of Sahasrara, Ajna and Vishuddha Chakras. Ideally, it is performed in the afternoon - after astronomical noon.

"Eight" - optimization of the state of that part of the information control system, which is responsible for the harmony and balance of the relationship between the control system and the executive component of the human being (causal interaction between "top" and "bottom"). Optimizes the state of the anahata chakra. In addition, in the "Eight" there is a movement that allows you to soften, and in some cases - even to suspend for a while - the effect on the human "cocoon of awareness" of the so-called "overturner", or "rolling Force" - the energy-information component of the process of universal being, by the action which is the inevitability of death. Performed in the evening. If any programs of the Yoga23 system are practiced - after the completion of the practice.

"Web" and "Tornado" - respectively, a technique for restoring the integrity and density of the surface of the "cocoon of awareness" and a technique for building a "spiral protection surface". They are performed as needed after dynamic manipulations - at the end of each of the complexes.

For an unprepared person, mastering the dynamic techniques of the Yoga23 system is somewhat difficult due to the unusual movements and the sensations that accompany them. Therefore, for preparation, as an additional practice in the system, at the first stage, the traditional Yang Qigong Ying style Yang Qigong complex is used. It is extremely difficult to master the dynamic techniques of the Yoga23 system without a certain possession and certain experience of Ying style Yang Qigong practice, for most practitioners it is actually impossible.

There are cycles that combine all the techniques into a single whole: the megacycle and the hypermegacycle, as well as the technique of meditation in motion.

Practicing yoga23 energy dynamic techniques is either very beneficial or destructive. The golden mean (a waste of time option) and compromise options (softening to the level of pop music) have not yet been found.

Yoga23 energy dynamics practice is purely voluntary and purely personal. Group classes in energy-dynamic techniques can only be introductory, that is, focused on STUDYing techniques, and not at all on their collective execution. As mentioned above, the energy dynamics of Yoga23 is most effectively mastered on the basis of the well-studied and properly practiced Yang Qigong style of Ying.

For a teacher - both working personally and conducting installation classes, working on the energy dynamics of Yoga23 with practitioners is always destructive. In order to successfully compensate for the inevitable negative effect of teaching yoga23 energy dynamics, it is necessary to master both the techniques themselves and the method of compensation. All this is very simple and accessible things, if not too lazy to devote time and attention to their study and careful development. A teacher should never be lazy to perform compensating circuits after having worked with students on the energy dynamics of the Yoga23.

It is most expedient to start mastering Yoga23 energy-dynamic techniques not from these techniques themselves, but from a very simple complex of the traditional Yang Qigong of the Tianzhong Ying style. This complex is absolutely safe for 93-95% of people, it is very easy to learn and at the initial stage of practice it works no worse than the "vigorous" yoga23 energy-dynamic techniques. After the practice of Yang Qigong “turns on” the hands and the movements “fill up”, you can proceed to mastering the energy dynamics of Yoga23 directly. In order for Yang Qigong to "work", it must be performed for a year or two daily. There are times when everything happens faster, but these are exceptions.

The energy-dynamic techniques of Yoga23 are much tougher and denser than Yang Qigong, so they should be mastered gradually and with care. First, soft (long) versions of all techniques are mastered. The first - "Dragon's Tooth" and "soft" "Web". Then - "Iron Phoenix". After him - "Eight" and only then - "Zero". In some cases, another sequence of mastering techniques is allowed, but only when it is determined by the composition of the personal practice program. Otherwise, a violation of the sequence of mastering techniques can lead to undesirable consequences.

Once the soft (long) variations are mastered, they should be practiced for a while. Let's say a year and a half. After that, you can proceed to the development and practice of hard (short) options in the same sequence: "Dragon's Tooth" and hard "Web", "Iron Phoenix", "Eight", "Zero". Hard variations are practiced until all five techniques are mastered.

And only after that, you can carefully begin to combine the techniques into a single sequence - "Megacycle".

This completes the set of variations of the energy-dynamic techniques of the Yoga23 methodological system.

Those who in their practice have gone beyond the limitations of the Yoga23 methodological system and build their training programs on the basis of matrices 24, 25 and 49 do not perform Yoga23 energy-dynamic complexes, but use even more “vigorous” – energy-dynamic techniques “outside of Yoga23”.

There are four “outrageous” techniques: DAGO, DAGO JESS, DOD, BOEX. In addition to optimizing the functional state of the "cocoon of awareness" and the controlling energy-information centers - chakras, they significantly increase and align the "energy-information density" in the "cocoon" and inside the organic body, that is, they optimize the distribution and interaction of ten "pranas", as well as stabilize and harmonize processes of energy-informational metabolism throughout the system. In addition, their practice establishes and makes stable a powerful transit "white and slightly golden-silver" flow of the descending Cosmic Force - through the "energy-information cocoon" and the practitioner's body - into the world of people.