Bezlyudnaya Anna
Bezlyudnaya Anna
  • Type of practice: Yoga23, , For women
  • Practice experience: since 2003 year
  • Teaching experience: since 2008 year

Anna Bezlyudnaya is a Yoga23 specialist, author of the Yoga Slim and Yoga and Hormonal Health courses. The goal of the teacher is not only to make you look better after her workouts, but also to feel better. Make your body light and comfortable, lose weight and go into a healthy diet that suits your optimal physical condition. Anna's training focuses on the accumulation of strength and energy through high-quality complete relaxation.

Here is what Anna herself says about yoga: “In search of my own meanings, I inevitably came to the discovery that yoga for a woman is a separate, female practice with its own characteristics and its own specifics. Yoga with living your gender and accepting its strengths and capabilities.

Practice is an extremely conscious attempt (namely, an attempt, because there are no guarantees) to understand and experience “who I am” and “why am I”. An attempt that does not stop for a minute, to reach out to his real "I". In order to get to this not in the imagination, not illusory, in order to have time to do this during life, the quality of life of a “researcher” is just what is needed. Technique is just a tool for solving a specific problem in the present. Hammer and blacksmith are not the same thing. And inner work is a way to live in striving for oneself, for “meaning”, striving that comes from the finest adjustment of self-consciousness. Precisely live…



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