A course of 5 dynamic workouts, the duration of each workout is 1 hour. A very popular offline course is now available on video. Yura built the workout in such a way that the loads were maximum, but not excessive. In each workout, there are several short relaxations to “take a breath” (but actually relax and prepare the muscles for the next load).

Athletic Hatha is one of Yoga23's highlight modes. Athletic Hatha is a unique training mode from the YOGA23 group of modes, based on hatha yoga exercises, reproduced in dynamics and synchronized with a clear breathing mode. The training is characterized by increased intensity, but is based on relatively simple elements and is suitable for both beginners and those who have experience in yoga and other sports disciplines.
Due to dynamic repetitions, the maximum effect of processing the muscle relief is achieved, fat is burned, the flow of fluids (lymph, blood, etc.) in the body is accelerated. With regular training, coordination, reaction, strength and endurance increase significantly. Despite such “physical culture” of this mode, those who practice fully receive all the yogic effects of calming, mental clarity, the ability to concentrate, control emotions, relaxation, development of intuition and creativity, and a more complete awareness of oneself in the world.
Practice allows you to adjust the body, mind, accumulate a huge amount of energy and direct it to achieve your goals and objectives, regardless of the type of activity. We wish you good practice and a comfortable stay in your own body.

The course is suitable for those who like to "sweat on the rug", for weight loss, for endurance training, balance. Also, good loads are good because they allow the muscles with which we are accustomed to perform standard actions to get tired, and then the body begins to connect muscles that it usually does not use, deep muscles, to work.

The level available to everyone can be used as a morning charging practice, main and evening practice. But in the evening it is recommended to pay more attention to relaxation at the end of the practice - lying on your back. It is better to alternate workouts and do it every other day or once a week. More experienced practitioners can use the Athletic Hatha workout 1-2 times a week to increase strength, endurance and response.


Спасибо за хороший, качественный курс , очень понравилось.
Количество уроков также прекрасно мотивирует заниматься практически каждый день!

la************[email protected]

Займалася у Юрія оффлайн, тому без вагань придбала курс, коли не стало змоги відвідувати заняття. Ефект повної присутності не дає розслабитися. Дуже гарний курс. Але чому в описанні "для чоловіків"?


Мне понравилось. Спасибо!

Благодарю за чудесный курс! Практики очень понравились, после практик чувствую себя живой и наполненной.

Занималась в студии у Юрия, поэтому купила данный курс. Получила заряд энергии и мое тело очень довольно результатами.Спасибо

Прекрасный курс, Юрий спасибо

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