The complex is a mix of asanas with pranayama. This sequence teaches you how to use pranayama in your personal training, how to incorporate pranayama into your training sequences. How to finish the workout correctly, what kind of pranayama, so that the training brings maximum benefit. Also in the complex, attention is paid to how to breathe correctly in the exercises themselves, since we often do not pay due attention to this. The complex is suitable for absolutely everyone and can be performed at any time of the day as many times as you like until it is mastered. Usually this complex is fully mastered by a beginner in about a year.


Ну думаю, зараз подихаю, розслаблюся , сил на більше все одно немає ????, але комплекс шикарний. Якраз відчути, що ти живий і навіть більше ????
Дякую величезне ????

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Sequence of asanas with pranayama «To cleanse the main nadis – ida and pingala»

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Комплекс представляет собой микс асан с пранаямой. Данная последовательность учит вас, как использовать пранаяму в своих личных тренировках, как вставлять пранаяму в свои тренировочные последовательности.