"I Jin Jing" is one of the oldest qigong complexes. It is mentioned for the first time in the Bibliographic Treatise, which is over 2000 years old.

According to one version, it was transmitted by Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism and the Shaolin Monastery, where they practiced deep sitting meditation. According to another version, Yi Jin Jing was written on a piece of brocade taken from the grave of one of the high-ranking Chinese officials, and was also called the “Chi Energy Transfer Method”. Thus, the complex has been preserved and has survived to this day without changes.

According to the third version, I Jin Jing originated from shamanism.

The I Jin Jing complex (“method of changing muscles and tendons”) presented in the video is based on the ideas of Chinese medicine about the five primary elements. It contains 12 exercises developed on the basis of scientific research in physiology and kinetics.

The complex restores and strengthens muscles and tendons, clears the "thin" channels, allowing the flow of qi energy to flow freely. The main focus of the complex is to restore the mobility and performance of the spinal column, which entails the recovery and renewal of the whole organism as a whole.

The complex harmoniously combines internal and external work, the exercises are connected by smooth, natural and rounded transitions. The essence of the exercises is described in detail, all the necessary keys are given, special attention is paid to typical and common mistakes and methods for their elimination. The subtleties and secrets of practice are revealed. The material can become a unique video tutorial and abstract for self-practice for many years.


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Master class on qigong «I Jin Jing»

online viewing and downloading

Комплекс цигун «И Цзинь Цзин»

Запись 3-х часового мастер-класса по изучению техники цигун.