A seminar dedicated to the presentation and detailed analysis of one of the most popular qigong gymnastics complexes “8 cuts of brocade”. Conducted by Eduard Malakhov - a master with many years of experience in practice. Assisted by Anastasia Fedorova — Yoga23 trainer. In addition to the Baduan Jing exercises themselves, a soft energy warm-up is presented to your attention, which allows you to “open” the thin channels of the arms and legs and warm up the joints, as well as acupressure along the main meridians.

According to legend, the exercises "8 cuts of brocade" were created by one of the Chinese commanders for the speedy mental and physical rehabilitation of soldiers after hard battles. The therapeutic, health-improving and rehabilitation effect of this complex has been proven by centuries of practice, despite the fact that physical fitness and age for its implementation are absolutely not fundamental.


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Master class on qigong «8 cuts of brocade»

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Семинар, посвященный презентации и подробному разбору одного из наиболее популярных комплексов гимнастики цигун «8 отрезов парчи».