Recording of a presentation master class of a new development by Andrey Sidersky called "Yoga of Intention". The event took place last spring, consisted of two parts - for beginners and intermediate-high level. This is the part for beginners, which was recorded on video. The master class is a presentation of the structure of Yoga23 at the moment, Andrey Vladimirovich tells how he started and what he finally came to now, what is “Yoga Intention”, why it is and how it differs from the rest of the Yoga23 material.

Then the complexes from the arsenal of "Yoga of Intention" are performed. A lot of very high quality, interesting complexes for beginners under the guidance of Andrey Vladimirovich. The video will be useful both for students who are interested in the activities of Andrey Sidersky, and for teachers who want to diversify their training with new complexes from Andrey Sidersky.


Добрый день. Сердечная благодарность за данное видео!!!
Пожалуйста помогите разобраться - эти три комплекса надо выполнять все три подряд или можно по отдельности или например - два последних только.?....за одну тренировку.

Yoga Masters

По ощущению. Есть силы и желание выполнить все три подряд — ок. Или можно по одному делать за тренировку.

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Master class on Yoga of Intention

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Запись презентационного мастер-класса новой разработки Андрея Сидерского названием «Йога Намерения».