Complex according to the "Yoga of Intention" No. 11 of an average level of complexity (there is a lotus, which can be replaced with a half lotus).   The complex contributes to immersion in a meditative state, immersion in contemplation, for solving problems associated with detailed and careful consideration of something.

This series of complexes from Andrey Vladimirovich is focused on tuning the characteristics of brain activity, allowing a person to function more adequately in everyday situations, to respond more calmly to various stressful situations, to adapt himself, primarily mentally, but also physically, to emerging everyday challenges of various levels and along the way, “repair” health, correct some systemic imbalance, it is possible to eliminate the consequences of some injuries. As a side effect of yoga practice, it's always nice.



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Sequence «Yoga Intentions» №11

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Комплекс среднего уровня сложности из относительно простых асан, принадлежащих к категории наиболее «пси-эффективных» (присутствует лотос, который можно заменить на полулотос).