This master class is an extended version of materials on hanumanasana and samokonasana . More examples, more information and exercises, also due to the presence of the public - Vyacheslav considered options for paired interaction during stretching. Using the examples of self-konasana (transverse twine) and hanumanasana (longitudinal twine), the main aspects of the physiology of flexibility are analyzed.

We will focus on the main topics:

  • factors limiting flexibility;
  • main and secondary factors determining the level of flexibility;
  • the main methods used to develop and maintain, maintain flexibility.

And also, we will try to understand very important issues:

  • how useful or harmful hypermobility is;
  • stretching and motor apparatus... how to "find the measure" and not violate its functionality; what you need to know when developing flexibility so as not to get injured.

The master class will be informative and applied! We will speak in moderation and only to the point!



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Сlass «Yoga and flexibility. Twine»

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