Vyacheslav talks about the essence of the exercise - what ligaments, muscles and joints are involved, what is usually the problem, in what place and at what stage of practice. Tells what to do, well, certainly not necessary, what is not recommended, even if it seems quite logical. What moments in the practice of stretching the twine can be deceptive, which in the short term lead to improvement, but in the future only to aggravate the situation and why?

Then he shows the twine stretching techniques themselves. It all starts with a comprehensive warm-up of all muscle groups that will participate in the splits. The author's, interesting warm-up, which warms up all muscle groups that will later participate in the twine stretch. After that comes a set of many exercises that smoothly, accurately and very comprehensively work out the pelvis and hips, after which the twine itself is stretched, but also in a specific, safe way.

Vyacheslav competently, reasonably tells why and where to start, what to pay attention to, how to distribute the load, how to “listen to yourself” so as not to get injured, how to pull in a complex way, all the muscles and ligaments that are involved in the asana, and not just the most important and obvious "not letting" into the asana. Indeed, often the problem of “plugging” in the splits is a one-sided approach, when one side of the legs is stretched and without knowing it, it is not possible to advance in the asana due to other muscles and ligaments, which, it seems, should not affect. Vyacheslav reveals and explains all this in detail in this video tutorial. Good luck in mastering self-konasana!


Очень хороший материал, отвечает на ключевые вопросы о том как и в каких режимах работать. Чувствуется большой опыт преподавателя. Этот материал хорошо дополняет видео Андрея Владимировича по теории асан. Рекомендую.

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All about cross splits (self-pull)

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