What many people call "deflection" is actually more correctly called "backward extension", because. then the name would imply not the curvature of the spine as such, not its strongest rounding back, but its extension with a slight arc. What we will do in the video lesson is that we will turn on the uniform straightening of the spine in all segments.
In fact, the spine, if we consider it in detail, the anatomical structure, is absolutely not designed to, for example, reach the top of the head with the pelvis. As practice shows, many who seek to make a deep bend earn themselves only problems with the spinal column. It makes sense to do moderate actions, moderate stretches, which are associated with a healing effect, with healing practice. We will try to uncover this fragment, analyze it and make actions in practice, against the background of which Vyacheslav will try to explain what is happening and which zones should be included and disclosed in more detail.


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Correct performance of backbends in yoga

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