Makarin Pavlo
Makarin Pavlo
  • Type of practice: Yoga23
  • Practice experience: since 2000 year
  • Teaching experience: since 2004 year

Pavel Makarin is a senior trainer of Andrey Sidersky's Yoga23 methodology. Practicing yoga since 2000. And since 2004, he began to try himself as an instructor. Conducts group and private lessons. Develops personal practice programs.

The training process builds on two basic principles: “From simple to complex” and “From particular to holistic”. This allows each of the participants in the process, regardless of experience, through yogi gymnastics as safely as possible, and at the same time deeply and voluminously explore themselves, work out their tendon-muscular apparatus, identify the so-called "blind spots", weak and enslaved areas, remove during practice, unnecessary tensions in the body, without generating new ones.

In his training, Pavel puts emphasis on leveling the psycho-emotional background and evenly distributing the density of attention in the body, thereby expanding his perception and increasing his life efficiency.



Reviews for the teacher
ta**********[email protected]

Спасибо ,очень здорово заниматься ,интересные занятия !

k********[email protected]

Если, нужно полюбить йогу, то начинать нужно с Павлом
Высокий уровень комфорта, доступность и профессионализм

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