Classical gymnastics for the eyes is known to everyone: look right, left, up, down, diagonally, roll your eyes, look at the tip of your nose, look at a fixed point in the distance. But despite the fact that these exercises are simple and effective, they are performed regularly by few and extremely rarely. We bring to your attention an unusual, but no less effective meditation for the eyes.


1. Look at the flame

It is better to perform this exercise in the dark, without turning on the light. Sit comfortably in a comfortable position for you. Place a lighted candle at eye level 50 centimeters from your face. Close your eyes, straighten your back, relax, inhale and exhale. Open your eyes, look at the flame of the candle, focusing on the tip of the wick and concentrating as much as possible. Try not to blink or look away until you feel a burning sensation in your eyes and tears come out of them. Gradually try to bring the time of continuous looking at the flame up to 1 minute. As soon as your eyes begin to water from fatigue, you can close them and relax again. Do not move and try to keep in front of your closed eyes in your imagination the image of a candle flame. Only when the image begins to fade open your eyes again and focus on the flame. In order not to overwork your eyes, do not look at the flame “through I can’t”, but only until a slight burning sensation and the first tears appear. Keep your back straight throughout this exercise.

This technique allows you to gently stimulate the retina and eye muscles, which tense up with careful observation of the micro-vibrations of the candle flame, and also helps relieve eye fatigue and strengthen vision. The maximum effect can be achieved by performing this exercise daily, alternately straining your eyes for one minute (looking at the flame) and giving it a three-minute rest (with your eyes closed), repeating the entire cycle at least 5 times.

2. Massage your neck

Ideally, you need an assistant to complete this exercise. Sit on a chair, facing the back, put your hands on it, lower your head on them, relax. Your assistant should stand behind you or to your side and massage the left side of your neck with your right hand, and the right side with your left hand. This will allow him to effectively control the force of pressure. The muscles should be kneaded, starting from the hairline and ending with the deltoid muscle, which is located at the back of the shoulder, to the top of the shoulder blade. It is convenient to do such a massage with a brush clenched into a fist, making rhythmic, vibrating movements with it, without strong pressure. If there is no one nearby who could help you, you can resort to self-massage in exactly the same way. You just need to sit on a chair evenly, keep your head straight, lean with your even back on the back of the chair.

Such a massage stimulates blood circulation, and therefore improves the supply of oxygen to the eyes. By the way, about the same effect will give swimming in a style in which you can freely move your neck.


3. Close your eyes with your palms

Sitting at the table, lean on it with your elbows. Rub your palms together vigorously for about 30 seconds to warm them up. When the palms become warm, cover your eyes with them like a dome, relax. Try to imagine in as much detail as possible that in front of you is a velvet canvas of the night sky, a boundless dark ocean or any other dark and deep water surface. Having turned on your fantasy at full power, try to immerse yourself in absolute darkness as much as possible. Keep your back straight, do not take your palms away from your eyes until the heat leaves them. Then close your eyes, remove your palms from your eyelids, open your eyes. Even a single performance of this exercise allows you to achieve complete relaxation for the eyes.

This exercise can be done with slight modifications. First: instead of palms, you can use a natural towel soaked in warm (about 45 ° C) water and well wrung out. Second, absolutely any image can be conjured up, not just skies and oceans. The main thing is that these pictures help you relax as much as possible. And, finally, the third: at the end of the exercise, you can open your eyes without removing your hands from them, and for some time look at the light through translucent, pinkish palms. And by the way, if you still decide to use your palms, then do not forget the following: before starting the exercise, wash your hands thoroughly, preferably with fragrant soap - its aroma will contribute to better relaxation.

4. Eye wash

Stand in front of the sink, take a mouthful of cold water, lean over the sink and splash handfuls of cold water into your wide, unblinking eyes. Repeat the procedure until the water in the mouth is warm. Do such an eye shower 3-5 more times - in action it is similar to a massage that improves the blood supply to the eye muscles.

The only point worth paying attention to is the quality of the water used. Unfortunately, not always ordinary tap water can boast of impeccable quality. Ideally, you should use purified water or healing water from mineral springs. But in extreme cases, boiled and pre-cooled water is suitable.


Source: rz.com