At the beginning of spring, it seems that winter has taken all the strength. I constantly want to sleep, my working capacity is zero, my head often hurts. And the thought that there are still three whole months before the summer vacation only exacerbates the situation. How to break out of the fetters of spring fatigue?

First, you need to determine whether you are exactly dealing with a spring breakdown or with a more serious problem - chronic fatigue, anemia, or a long-term mental disorder. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to first consult with a therapist. Perhaps you can not do without the use of medications. But if you are sure that you have nothing more than a spring breakdown, first of all take care of proper nutrition. After the end of winter, our body is deficient in amino acids such as tryptophan and tyrosine. These substances are the basis for the normal functioning of the so-called "hormones of happiness" - serotonin, melatonin and dopamine, which regulate our emotional sphere.

To increase the level of tryptophan in the body, include in the diet turkey meat, caviar, salmon, cottage cheese, milk, kefir, nuts and various cereals - oatmeal, barley and pearl barley. Some tryptophan is found in dark chocolate and dried apricots. Every day, plant foods should be present on your table. At the same time, the more colorful the table, the better! Let the diet be red, green, yellow vegetables and fruits. Thus, the body will receive the antioxidants it needs.

In addition, try preparing fruit drinks from cranberries and lingonberries: they contain more vitamin C, the main fighter against fatigue, than fruits that have lain all winter!


Remember that the key to a great mood and well-being at the beginning of spring is light, color and air. Do not close curtains and blinds from sunlight - you need it now more than ever. Stay outdoors for at least 30 minutes a day, preferably as far away from cars and other sources of environmental pollution as possible. Ventilate the room regularly, especially before going to bed. And don't forget to add more color to life: clothes in bright colors and a bowl of fruit on the bedside table.

Devote at least 5-10 minutes of yoga every morning. Pay special attention to stretching exercises. They effectively improve the nutrition of tissues, muscles and joints. Better yet, exercise outdoors! You can go cycling, rollerblading or Nordic walking.

Start your workdays by solving two or three secondary tasks - this will help you tune in to the working mood. After that, you can give yourself a break and drink a cup of green tea with a piece of dark chocolate. While drinking tea, plan your day and stick to it.

Make sure you get enough sleep. To help you fall asleep faster, take a warm bath or at least a foot bath before bed. Drink a cup of hot milk with honey at night - this is an excellent sleeping pill.


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