Ayurvedic product: Triphala (triphala)

Triphala is called the Ayurvedic panacea.   This formula is more than three and a half thousand years old. She literally does miracles with healthy people and helps the sick to recover.

Ayurvedic product: Triphala (triphala)

This is what he says about triphala: “He who takes triphala for a year will get rid of all diseases and live to be a hundred years old.” This formula has a pronounced ability to cleanse the body of toxins and rejuvenate tissues. The word triphala itself indicates that this preparation consists of three fruits taken in equal proportions: amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki.

Amalaki (Emblic Myrobalan) is an Indian gooseberry about the size of a plum. It contains twenty times more vitamin C than oranges and is one of the most powerful anti-aging plants in Ayurvedic medicine. It has a harmonizing effect on Pitta - dosha. Amalaki relieves fatigue, improves mental abilities, blood circulation, enhances the fire of digestion and excretion functions. This is the main component of another famous Ayurvedic remedy - Chyawanprash. Amalaki acts as a nourishing tonic, cools, improves sexual function, has a laxative, astringent and hemostatic effect. It strengthens teeth and is effective in hair loss by promoting hair growth. Regulates blood sugar levels. The nature of amalaki is sattvic, giving love, good luck and longevity.

The second component of triphala is bibhitaki (Beleric Myrobalan). It acts on the respiratory, digestive, excretory and nervous systems. This is another powerful anti-aging herbal remedy. Bibhitaki is a tonic for Kapha dosha, improves voice and vision, and also promotes hair growth. This fruit has a laxative and at the same time astringent effect, cleansing the intestines and increasing its tone. Effective for various kinds of stones and accumulation of Kapha in the digestive tract, urinary and respiratory tract; dissolves and removes these formations from the body, expelling parasites; has a tonic effect on the stomach.

Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) is the king of drugs in Tibetan medicine. Perfectly balances Vata and Kapha. The ancient texts say that Haritaki nourishes the brain, energizes Shiva (pure consciousness); regulates the function of the colon, improves digestion, increases life expectancy.

These three fruits are the very essence of triphala. Its composition has five tastes out of six possible, thanks to which the balance of the three doshas is restored.

Triphala is widely used for the prevention and treatment of most diseases in people of all ages. But perhaps its most wonderful property is to rid the body of toxins. First, the intestines are gently cleansed, then the blood, lymph, tissues, and with prolonged use, the entire skeletal system.

Ayurvedic doctors say: one who takes this composition will never get cancer, because. the drug cleanses and rejuvenates all tissues of the body, preventing the formation of tumors. Researchers at the Cancer Institute at the University of Pittsburgh believe that triphala could soon become an alternative therapy for pancreatic cancer. They found that the drug activates genes that inhibit the reproduction of tumor cells.

Triphala can be used to wash the eyes, it is an indispensable remedy for cataracts and glaucoma and simply to improve vision. It is used for jaundice, diabetes, skin diseases, colds, gynecological problems.

Its positive impact can be summarized in the following points:

  • normalizes the balance of all body systems,
  • cleanses the body of toxins and rejuvenates tissues,
  • cleanses the blood, regulates the formation of hemoglobin,
  • normalizes the functions of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • enhances digestive fire
  • relieves the effects of stress,
  • improves eyesight,
  • contributes to the normalization of weight,
  • enhances sexual activity
  • regulates blood pressure
  • improves memory, cerebral circulation,
  • accelerates the fusion of bones in fractures.

Triphala has no side effects, but is contraindicated in women during pregnancy and lactation .

Triphala is available in both powder (churna) and compressed powder (bati) tablets. It can be taken once a day, at bedtime or on an empty stomach after waking up at a dose of 2-4 tablets or 1-6 grams (churna), mixed in one glass of hot milk or water, you can add a little honey or Ghee (ghee). Triphala is taken in the morning mainly as a tonic.

Triphala is harmless, but if the body is heavily contaminated, a large dose can cause a strong reaction, because the drug will set the accumulated toxins in motion faster than the weakened body can get rid of them. Therefore, in case of discomfort or nausea, the dose can be reduced by half for one to two weeks.

Triphala is the most versatile formula of Ayurvedic medicine that has stood the test of time. Discovered thousands of years ago, it helps maintain health in our modern lives.



Author: Vadim Ostras, Elena Ostras.