Video is in Ukrainian. The course is ideal for those who want to start their journey in the world of yoga. If you don't know anything about yoga, but want to start your practice safely and with maximum awareness, this course is for you. However, it will be very useful and interesting for people who want to improve their health with the help of yoga, to learn more about yoga as a comprehensive system of improvement and training. 8 classes of Slava Gutsaluk: from the base and basis of the principles of yoga, to breathing exercises, pranayama, meditation, warm-up, joint and tendon exercises, stretches, principles of flexibility, complicating or simplifying asanas and to the last element - relaxation.

Lesson plan:

1) Yoga as a system. Theoretical class.

2) Exercises for breathing, meditation, relaxation.

3) Breathing and yoga.

4) Connection of breathing with movement.

5) Familiarization with the first exercises - standing position, structure, performance, essence, impact.

6) Sitting position.

7) Lying position.

8) Dynamic transitions, vinyasas.


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Course «Yoga for beginners» (UA)

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Перше заняття

Йога як система. Теоретичне заняття.

Друге заняття

Вправи для дихання, медитації, релаксації.

Третє заняття

Дихання і йога.

Четверте заняття

Звʼязок дихання з рухом.

Пʼяте заняття

Ознайомлення з першими вправами – положення стоячи, будова, виконання, суть, вплив.

Шосте заняття

Положенння сидячи.

Сьоме заняття

Положення лежачи

Восьме заняття

Динамічні переходи, віньяси.