Yoga Workout sequence in «Master Flow» mode.

Unleash your potential with a Master Flow Yoga Workout sequence. This is a unique approach designed to achieve harmony between the physical and emotional state. Through carefully structured poses and breathing exercises, you will be immersed in the flow of exercises with smooth transitions. This method will help improve flexibility, strength and balance in your inner world. Designed specifically for all fitness levels, Yoga Workout's Master Flow mode offers harmony to body and mind, creating the optimal space to practice yoga and achieve inner harmony.

Велика подяка майстру за цей шикарний комплекс! Чудово налаштовує на спокійний рівний стан та позбавляє «білого шуму» в думках. З радістю чекатиму нові комплекси серії MF та інших!

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Yoga Masters

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Sequence «Master Flow» #1 (easy level)

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